When she first came to see me, Mindy had just completed six months of physical therapy following shoulder surgery. But even after all that time and treatment, she was still unable to lift her arm more than a few inches away from her body without experiencing excruciating pain. She also had pain in her hips and arthritis in one thumb. During our initial consultation she told me that her body was "a mess."

I'll be honest: at first, I didn't know if I could help her.

After all, six months of physical therapy hadn't accomplished much. At least I wanted to reassure her that her body was indeed, not a mess. Our bodies are amazingly complex biological organisms. And they are doing their best. I wanted to help her connect with and trust her body.

After the initial consultation we agreed to treatments once a week for three months. Such a treatment plan gives ample time to explore ease and movement, increasing confidence and optimism.

We talked about how changing our lifestyles can impact how we feel both physically and emotionally. Mindy chose to adopt a healthy diet and started gentle swimming and walking regularly.

Her transformation was amazing!

Within the first couple weeks she could raise her arm to 90 degrees. Within a month she could lift her arm up over her head! The painful arthritis in her thumb decreased and her hip pain disappeared completely.

But that's not all. Without chronic pain her energy sky rocketed. She lost unwanted weight and started dance classes.

Within just three months Mindy had completely reclaimed her body and her life. And I believe you can too. 

Therapeutic Touch

Whether you have pain, anxiety, tension or stress, massage can help. Therapeutic touch should feel meaningful, helpful and relevant for you. That means it can be soft or heavy pressure, fast or slow pace. When you trust your body, listening to how you respond to touch, we can craft a treatment that gives you the experience that shifts you from pain to comfortable and relaxed.

Spa Elements

Warmed basalt stones and bamboo rods, skin exfoliation and steam towels - all add touches of luxury and pampering. Just feeling good and well cared for can be a helpful

Traditional Remedies

Cupping, scraping, rocking, tapping and shaking are folk remedies for pain and stress. Incorporating traditional cultural body care techniques creates an interesting and nuanced experience.


All services are billed at a rate of $46 per 15 minute unit

4 units = 60 minutes = $185

Accepted: Cash, check, debit, credit, HSA, FSA

Due to the cost of administration, discounts are available for payment of services in full on or before the date of service.

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