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Injured Workers Benefit from Massage in Washington State

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

If you've recently been injured on the job, chances are you opened a claim with Labor and Industries to get your medical bills covered. Your doctor may have prescribed physical therapy to help with any pain and loss of mobility you suffered.

Unfortunately, many physicians don't realize that massage falls under the category of rehabilitative medicine in Washington, and is paid for by worker's compensation.

L&I permits you to get six massages by a licensed therapist - so long as your referring provider thinks it's medically necessary and writes a referral for it.

So what should you do if you think massage can help with your pain and mobility issue?

First, have a talk with your doctor and physical therapy team. Let them know what your preferences are, and ask for a referral to massage therapy. So long as it's safe, and could be helpful in your recovery, they'll write you a script.

Second, find a therapist who is familiar with treating injuries. Read reviews and testimonials from their other clients. That will give you the best sense of what to expect, and if they'd be a good match for you. Check their hours of operation and availability to make sure you can get an appointment that works for your schedule.

Finally, contact the therapist or clinic directly and provide your claim information. They'll want to know your claim agent's name and contact information, your claim number and date of injury, as well as your referring physician's name and prescription information.

Keep in mind that the most crucial element to success in massage, is having a therapist who listens and responds to your needs. Providing meaningful touch is about more than mastering a series of moves and techniques. Massage therapists who provide safe, meaningful touch in a way that feels relieving, are the best at helping people recover from painful injuries.


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