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If you're ready to commit to getting monthly massage as part of your self-care. this membership program is for you. When you enroll for this recuring auto-debit, you get membership pricing of $125/month for a 90 minute session of your choice. That can be any service special or a custom bodywork treatment. You also get the $125 rate for additional 90 minute massage and bodywork treatments during the month. Come in as often as you like and save every time!

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up online. Payments are automatically debited from your account on the 1st of each month, saving you $300 a year.

  2. Use online scheduling to book your monthly appointments.

  3. Show up for your session each month, relax and enjoy!

Regular massage and bodywork is part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Along with exercise and healthful eating - receiving informed, caring touch can help us live better lives. Getting massage helps with anxiety and depression. Bodywork helps to reduce pain and increase body-awareness.

Are you ready to make massage and bodywork to be part of your monthly self-care?

Sign up below, then book your appointment for this month.


"What if I need to cancel my membership?"

Super easy! You can cancel or pause membership any time for any reason by logging onto the membership page by the 15th of the month. 

"Can I gift one of my sessions to a friend or family member?"

Sorry, that's a tough one. As much as we like to share the love, to avoid confusion and keep tracking easy, membership sessions are non-transferable.

"Can I have these sessions billed to my insurance for reimbursement?"

The world of insurance has its own rules, which this type of arrangement is incompatible with. So, unfortunately, these payments can't be reimbursed. You also can't use an FSA or HSA plan. This option is best suited for those who don't have health insurance coverage, don't want to involve their health insurance company and who don't have flexible or health savings plans. 

"What if I miss a month that I paid for?"

Just can use the service in the next month! You may "roll over" up to THEE months of membership services. At the point that a fourth month of charges occurs, the membership will be canceled. You can re-start your membership at any time.


"What if I pause or cancel my membership while I still have unused paid services?"

In Washington State, customers are protected from losing out on services they pay for. Although the discount expires, the amount paid never expires and can always be used towards a full-priced session at any time.

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