Insurance Claims

Until further notice, due to COVID-19, I'm currently unable to offer insurance billing.

If you've recently suffered an injury at work, in a car accident, been the victim of a crime or other accident your doctor may prescribe massage therapy as part of a well-rounded rehabilitative treatment plan.

Our office handles all billing directly with the insurance company, making it easy for you to relax and focus on recovery.


If you've recently been in a motor vehicle accident, and have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) you won't have to pay for treatment out of your own pocket. Your insurance will cover 100% of medically necessary services.



If you’ve been injured on the job and opened a Worker’s Compensation claim with Washington State Labor and Industries or directly with your employer, your claim will cover 100% of medically necessary services. Approval from your claim agent may be required.



If you've been the victim of a crime or another accident in Washington State, you may receive coverage for massage therapy to help you in your recovery journey.


Billing Rates

All services are billed at a rate of $46 per 15 minute unit

Co-insurance, co-pays and deductible payments due at time of service.

Due to the cost of administration related to insurance billing, discounts are available for payments in full on or before the date of service:

60 min $120

90 min $150

120 min $200

Accepted: Cash, check, debit, credit, HSA, FSA