When you suffer from constant pain in your neck, hips, shoulders or other joints, you just feel stuck, knowing that you’ve tried so many things but only had temporary results. Over time, you get so used to the pain that it starts to feel like part of who you are.

For many years, this was my reality. I suffered from daily headaches and chronic pain in my neck and back. I saw many doctors and specialists who couldn’t offer me answers, or relief other than pain medication. It wasn’t until I saw a skilled massage therapist that I stopped sharing my life with pain.

I’m a licensed massage practitioner with 15 years dedicated to caring for people in my community.

Over the years I’ve met a lot of massage practitioners who treat relaxation massage and clinical treatment massage as two completely different things. So if you ask for treatment work, you get one type of service, and if you ask for relaxation, you get another type of service. But the treatment massage is overly focused and painful so it doesn't feel relieving. Then the relaxation massage feels nice but it doesn’t feel like your specific needs were understood or addressed.

It’s frustrating to see this, because I know from experience that the most helpful approach to bodywork combines both relaxation and specific treatments. The holistic approach considers biological, psychological and social elements in our human experiences..

My approach is collaborative. We work together to find what feels most meaningful in the moment. Together, we explore ways of feeling and moving - away from, around or through sensations of pain and tension.

With an updated understanding of massage related sciences, my goal is to help you gently ease into a more comfortable and confident frame of body and mind. This can be one part of breaking free of persistent pain cycles and getting back your life. But it's rarely the whole story. The decisions you make each day are the key to reclaiming your life.

I collaborate with our region's top doctors to help people with complex pain issues. Since 2007 I have worked with vulnerable populations including people with dementia and traumatic brain injuries; substance abuse and opioid dependency; and eating and other mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. I also mentor other massage therapists to become competent, independent practitioners in the medical massage field.

When used as part of a personalized care plan, holistic bodywork can be an alternative to expensive, painful therapies, injections and drugs.

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